ME 850HC

ME 850 Hi Cap - This ME 850 incorporates the new larger energy storage matrix, approaching 500,000 uF made up of 92 individual and paralleled power supply capacitors. ME have pioneered the use of multiple Capacitor Storage Matrixes beginning with the ME 50 in 1977 and the ME 850 special edition has clearly extended this trademark design philosophy to the extent that it can boast the highest known Capacity amplifier in production.

Denon AVR 3830

Home theater is integrated into the system with a Denon AVR 3803 receiver. Inputs to the receiver are as follows;

  • Pioneer DVD player video via component coax
  • Ausid HD STB player video via component coax
  • Humax sattelite decoder video via SVideo
  • Pioneer DVD player digital audio via coax
  • VHF coax from antenna for radio

Outputs from the receiver are as follows;

ME 240 Amplifier

An ME 240 has to be one of the best small integrated amplifiers around. Coupled up with efficient Equinox Audio speakers this system sounds like a much larger system. If you are after a system on a budget and want something that sounds excellent this is an excellent combination.

Unfrotunately ME240 amps are no longer available new.

ME240 Amplifier with a Squeezebox Classic

SlimServer Squeezebox

A great addition to a home theater system is Slimserver and a Squeezebox. No longer will you need to listen to the same CD until you physically walk over and change it. No need to burn compilation CD's to listen to at home. This is how I set up a Slimserver and Squeezebox.


Equinox Perigees

Equinox Perigees are an excellent hi-fi speaker and when the main speakers upgraded to Equinox Audio Jupiter's it was still very tempting to keep the Perigees they were that good but then moneey is a problem for most of us.

The Perigees were used in a large room that was very live with all brick walls 9' ceiling and a lot of glass. Over time they were powered by a single ME 550 Series II power amplifier with the hi capacitance option, then with 2 ME 550 Series II power amplifiers, both with the hi capacitance option.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do Equinox Audio speakers sound like?

A: I think they are awesome. There is also no way known I could, or even would, pay the money that would be required to achieve the same quality from imported speakers, if there is such a speaker!


Q:What do the ME Amplifiers sound like?

Equinox Audio

It has been some years ago now since I had the fortune of meeting the owner of Equinox Audio and since that time have been progressively upgrading my system with Equinox Audio Speakers and ME amplifiers to what it is today.


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