SlimServer Squeezebox

A great addition to a home theater system is Slimserver and a Squeezebox. No longer will you need to listen to the same CD until you physically walk over and change it. No need to burn compilation CD's to listen to at home. This is how I set up a Slimserver and Squeezebox.

  • Rip CD collection using CDex to wav files cool to see they use Drupal too!
  • Load CD collection wav files onto a file server, preferably linux
  • Connect Squeezebox to the LAN via Ethernet cable. Found wireless a little unreliable with the Classic though at first
  • Connect Squeezebox digital out coaxial to the digital in of my DAC.
  • Use the analogue out to your pre amp or integrated amp if you are not using a DAC
  • Load SlimServer software on a notebook which connects to the LAN wirelessly
  • Allow the notebook networking access to the Linux machine
  • Power on the Squeezebox and set up networking etc
  • Scan the music folders on the Linux PC with Slimserver to build database
  • Set the volume control on amplifier to a reasonable level just above your usual listening level
  • Reduce the volume level in the Slimserver software
  • Power on the Squeezebox again if it is not already on using the software or the Squeezebox remote
  • Modify settings in Slimserver software as desired
  • Browse to music folder, select playlists, albums, tracks and play, skip, repeat, shuffle plus more from anywhere as long as your notebook is within wireless range of the LAN

Squeezebox Classic with ME240 Amplifier