Home Theater System Components

Home Theater System Components

This Equinox Hi Fi and home theatre system is set up in a room that is almost 7 metres long and 5.5 metres wide.

Equinox Audio Hi Fi and home theatre system


ME 850 Power Amplifier

This amplifier drives the main left and right pair of Equinox Jupiter's and is fed the signal from a ME 25 Preamplifier. Edit This ME 850 has been upgraded. I had an opportunity to compare a hi cap version of the ME 850 to my standard version of the ME 850 and it became obvious in a very short time that it would be worth the upgrade. Even with the efficient Equinox Jupiter's the increase in dynamics, definition and depth of field are more than I would have expected. If you have a ME 850 seriously consider the Hi Capacitance upgrade I find it is much more listenable overall especially at lower levels where the dynamics are much more detailed. The upgrade details are apparently a 50 percent reduction in Power Supply Impedance. There are 92 individual Capacitors wired in parallel – each one dividing the work equally rather than a single dependency and connection point. This equals the ME 1400/1500 in power supply sophistication. The upgraded ME 850 has over 450,000uF of Energy Storage.

ME 850 Hi Cap Power Amplifier

ME 550 II Hi Cap Amplifier

The first ME 550 is fed signal from a Denon processor and powers the Equinox Zenith Centre Speaker. An identical signal is supplied to the left and right channels and the Zenith is bi-amplified by the 550 amp.

ME 550 II Hi Cap Amplifier

The second ME 550 drives the Equinox Equator sub woofer in a similar fashion to the way the other 550 is setup for the center channel.

ME 550 Amplifier

This ME 550 is an earlier model and was included in the system to drive the surround speakers. There are 2 x 4 ohm drivers for each of the left and right surround channels mounted into the ceiling on either side of the room. This presents a 2 ohm load and a ME 550 is very capable of this task where the output stages in the Denon processor would be most unhappy and sure to let smoke escape if presented with this load.

ME 550 Amps with a Denon AVR3803

ME 25 Pre Amplifier

Remote control, on, off, mute and volume control the ME 25 Pre Amplifier also controls the power on for the ME 850 Power amp. The ME 25 switches and handles input signals from a turntable a DAC and a CD/DVD/DVD Audio/SACD player and the left right outputs from the Denon processor before passing them on to the ME 850.

ME 25 Preamplifier

Denon AVR 3803 6.1 Channel Amplifier and processor

This black box processes all the video inputs and outputs to the Sony projector via component, supplies signal to the 3 ME 550 Power Amplifiers for centre channel, left and right surround channels and the sub woofer and supplies signal to the ME 25 which passes it on the the ME 850 for left and right front channel and powers the 2 ceiling mounted rear Audax speakers using two of the internal amplifiers. It also has a tuner built in which never gets used and accepts digital inputs from the digital set top box and the DVD player.

Denon AVR 3803

The Humax decoder only has composite which is sent to the Denon.

Equinox DAC

This DAC is the processor for all music from CD or HTPC digital in before it is sent to the ME 25 Pre Amplifier.

Pioneer CD/DVD/DVD Audio/SACD player

This spins the disks and send coaxial digital to the Equinox DAC fro music listening and Optical Digital to the Denon Processor for movies.

Denon DP1200 Turntable

This rotates the big black disks and does not get used very much at all anymore. Fitted with an Audio Technica AT155LC moving magnet cartridge. The turntable was part of the first system I ever purchased 25 years ago!!

Humax Satellite Reciever

This is for Aurora tv as the free to air signal where we are is unreliable.

Ausid HD-D1 HD Digital set top box High definition free to air set top box.

Sony HS-10 Projector

Mounted on the back wall receives component signal from the Denon this is the last Sony product I will ever purchase as the service and spare parts backup is pathetic. A Sanyo will be the replacement unless something else comes along later.

Screen Technics 130" remote controlled motorised screen Sends the light back to viewers from the projector.

Equinox Jupiters

Our Perigees were excellent and the Jupiter's are worth every cent.

Equinox Jupiter Speaker

Equinox Zenith Centre Speaker

This speaker takes a hammering from the ME 550 II Hi cap power amplifier bi-amplifying it. Occasionally with some of the crap the soundtrack carries in certain movies the ME 550 actually shuts down in protection of the speaker due the signal that is carried, reboot the ME and drop the level a tad and on with the movie!

Equinox Equator Subwoofer

This speaker takes also a hammering from the ME 550 II Hi cap power amplifier bi-amplifying it. This has experienced the same as the centre if I forget to drop the level when watching a DTS encoded movie and has never missed a beat.

Equinox Audio Jupiter and Equator

Audax Coaxial Ceiling mounted surround drivers

Two each side for the left and right surround channels and two at the rear for the back channel/channels.

Ceiling Mounted Surround Sound Speakers

Squeezebox Classic A recent addition has been a Slim Server. Most of the CD collection has been loaded on to a Linux file server in wav format. The slim server is connected to the home network via a wired LAN and the Slim Server software is loaded on a notebook whick connects to the LAN via wireless. Music can be played, skipped sorted and queued remotely from the notebook and volume can be increased or decreased via the slim server software on the notebook.

Equinox Audio Home Theatre Movie Sound System