Equinox Perigees

Equinox Perigees are an excellent hi-fi speaker and when the main speakers upgraded to Equinox Audio Jupiter's it was still very tempting to keep the Perigees they were that good but then moneey is a problem for most of us.

The Perigees were used in a large room that was very live with all brick walls 9' ceiling and a lot of glass. Over time they were powered by a single ME 550 Series II power amplifier with the hi capacitance option, then with 2 ME 550 Series II power amplifiers, both with the hi capacitance option.

They were then used for some time with the ME850 power amplifier before they were replaced with the Equinox Audio Jupiter's.

There are several pictures of the Perigees after the home theater upgrade was added with the extra ME and Denon amplifiers, the Equinox Audio Equator sub woofer and Equinox Audio Zenith center speaker.

Equinox Audio Perigee and Equator Subwoofer