Equinox Audio

It has been some years ago now since I had the fortune of meeting the owner of Equinox Audio and since that time have been progressively upgrading my system with Equinox Audio Speakers and ME amplifiers to what it is today.

I had been wondering for a few years prior what I was going to do about finding a replacement for an aging Hafler pre amplifier and happened to notice that there was a ME distributor close to where I lived at the time. Having not previously had the opportunity to audition any ME products I made an appointment and within less than half an hour of listening to a pair of Equinox Perigees and a ME 550 I decided to leave and return with my Hafler preamp, power amp and EV speakers to work out what was salvageable and what was going to be replaced.

In less than a couple of hours it had become obvious that my old pre amp, power amp and speakers were going to be replaced with a new ME 25 Pre Amplifier and a ME 550 Hi Cap Power Amplifier plus a pair of Equinox Audio Perigee speakers. This system went on to provide many many hours of listening pleasure before it was decided to expand the system and incorporate a complete home theatre system.