Alternative Equinox Sound System

This system has changed and spawned another system. The details remain here for reference purposes. Keeping fit and working out can be pretty boring at the best of times. Solution! Add a pair of Aphelion's and a ME 240 to some surplus source equipment.

This system sounds like a much larger system than it looks. The room where this setup is used is 8 meters by 12 meters and the ceiling pitched to the underside of the roof line. The ME 240 and the Aphelion's are more than capable of filling this space with SPL's as high as almost anyone would desire. One thing that continually amazes me with this system is the quality and the level of base it is capable of. Especially considering the Aphelions are at least 3 meters away from either a rear or side wall!

Mid range and highs combine to make this system a pleasure to listen to. System components Equinox Audio Aphelion's More information about Equinox Audio Hi Fi Speakers on their website ME 240 Integrated Amplifier Small in stature and big on performance. When there was a risk these may become obsolete I had to secure one!

Toshiba SD5300 DVD Audio Player This is a reasonably pleasant sounding CD player and used to be part of the main system before we got the Equinox Audio DAC. Poor service and attitude from the distributor pretty much writes off any further purchases of Toshiba as with the Sony Projector. Sony Video player VHS looks terrible on a big screen so the player sits out here doing nothing. Other Stuff The silver box is a SD digital set top box from Dick Smith as is the Cheapo TV.

The other black boxes are dead or obsolete VHS video players a Yamaha CDX-910 CD Player dead, and a couple of cassette decks the museum will want in another 500 years maybe if everyone else throws theirs out right now.

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